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Karinka a Pepíček / Klokánek Štěrboholy

Karinka a Pepíček

An year old Pepíček and four year old Karinka were placed in Klokanek in June 2006 by precaution.The reason was the reality, that there was made eviction on their mother flat because of not paying a rent.Then she was moving to different asylum houses where she again did not pay.That is why she was because of drink, money and partnership problems fired out from everywhere. In February 2006 she was arrested by police as she caused a car accident being in drunk condition.Her partner appeared at sociallegal department with their common son where he left him.He mentioned that his mother was not at home for past three days,when she came back she tried to attack him with knife, whereas few days before being drunk she threw their son on the floor. Mother after placing children in Klokanek was visiting them regulary.In meantime she has arranged another stay in asylum house and her partner entered antialcoholic treatment.But Karinka was still very afraid of him.When she saw him she always started to shiver.She confessed then that she does not like him as he hits the mother and he is pulling her hair.At the beginning of July the mother was permited to have both children with her to spend most of the holidays together.They were coming back to Klokanek in well condition looking forward to see their mother again. In middle of September 2006 the court intrusted children back to her.But mother has not picked them up from Klokanek and her interest in them quailed.Last she visited children was after a week after a court resolution.In that time her partner came back from antialcoholic treatment and she was mainly concentrated on him.That is why children stayed further in Klokanek.Karinka was very sad missing her mother knowing she is going to stay at home with her.Probably that is why there appeared acute leukemia.Following long monts she has endured chemotherapy and irradiation.Even if doctors said we should be ready for the worse at last Karinka WON her battle with the malign illness.Instead of her mother, aunties from Klokanek were visiting her daily and when her condition got better she was realised to come back to Klokanek.Aunties then were taking her back to hospital to infusions and irradiations.When she came back without hair, eyebrow and thiner her little brother could not recognize her.But when she started to talk Pepíček catched her hand and wanted to be still with her. Since December 2007 are both children with their new parents. Karinka has again beautiful hair and eyebrow and nobody would say she went throught such a hard times. Lots of love and health....