Please let us introduce you our facility Klokánek (Kangaroo house) which was opened in December 2005 in Prague 10 – Štěrboholy. The building was reconstructed from former agricultural training centre. The reconstuction was done by prague town-council.

Klokánek is project of Fond ohrožených dětí which aim is to change existing inconvenient system of institution upbringing and replace it furthest with temporary family care for time till the child is able to return home after improving the „home“ situation or until there is found suitable foster care for him.

Children are accepted to Klokánek without previous stay in diagnostic institute either upon an agreement with their parents or upon a judicial decision or upon a request of a child itself.

Klokánek has nonstop working hours, that is why they can accept even new-born whose mothers dissemble the pregnancy and give a birth outside of medical institution.

Either married couple or an „aunt“ alternatively in period of one week are taking care of children the same way as parents do. Children are used to their aunts and it does not happen there comes up emotional deprivation. Maximum number of children living in the flat is four who live together with their „aunt“ in a flat. There is not set down any strict rules and rules as it is in institutional care. Simply we try to create the best atmosphere for children as it is in regular family.

All employees go throught complicated psychological examination which must approve their good relationship with children, sufficiency of empathy and ability to create emotional and warm environment. Children can call home from Klokánek and parents can visit them anytime, taking them for a walks or take them home for weekends if child agree with it. Klokánek has an authorization of MPSV (Ministry of Labour and Social matters) as a facility for children requiring immediate help. Klokánek can accept abused children even without parent agreement until there is a decision of anticipation.

But let´s go to come back to Klokanek Štěrboholy. We have 13 flats with capacity of 48 children. There is big garden with children playground. Children can visit many hobby groups (fishing, clay-modelling, sport, pottery, playing guitar etc.). Little children go swimming once a week with their aunties. Klokánek also visits once a week canisterapy dog called Fin. In our facility we have own nursery school. An unique on our Klokánek in Štěrboholy is that 3 married couples fully take care of children – they do not change their shifts with any other aunt. There is also given male example and environment of full family background.

If you have any question or any requirements please do not hesitate to contact us or after agreement you are always welcome in our facility. In case of any interest please contact us by email or telephone which you can find at our web sites.